JSFoo 2015

The future of JavaScript

Siddhartha Bhagwan


Memory Leaks in JavaScript

Submitted Jul 31, 2015

If you read this title and thought, “Meh, I’m a beginner and don’t write complex code to worry about that”, or “My framework must be taking care of that right?”, or “Huh? Whats all that about dude?”, this session is just for you.


I’d like to talk to you about what memory leaks are, how they occur, how to detect and fix them and most importantly, why you should care. This in turn requires an idea of some inner workings of JavaScript, the role of the enviroment and some real world occurances and preventions of leaks.

With JavaScript becoming ever so prominent, it’d be fun to get to know the common caveats, understand what happens under the hood a little better and get through enough of the basics so those who care about good code can take this forward by themselves.


Basic JavaScript knowledge
Some attention
Lots of enthusiasm
A couple of doubts

Speaker bio

Freelancer. Ex startup guy. Front end engineer. Tech dabbler. Liking JS more by the day. Clean UI lover. Metal enthusiast. Always trying to avoid staying in his comfort zone.


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