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Rakesh Menon


JS in our beloved desktop world with Electrometeor!

Submitted Jul 31, 2015

Rundown on how to create real-time desktop applications using technologies close to our heart.. JavaScript and HTML/CSS!


Electron and Meteor are both well-known in the market for their specific uses. One for bringing the web technologies to the desktop environment and the other for making web more fun - using JS for the entire stack!!

This talk is targeting at bringing the best of both worlds and creating an awesome desktop application which is fast and makes use of the environment we use on a daily basis for something or the other. Contrary to the belief that the world is heading towards mobile - I still believe desktop is going to live for a long time. At least for enterprises - this is where bulk of our work happens! There is a reason why we have have applications like TweetDeck, Whatsapp web version and so on.

Let’s explore how we can create an application that can work as a web application as well as a desktop app - which makes use of native features so that the user can get the same experience across platforms..!


Be a JavaScript fanatic..!

Speaker bio

  • Specialist, eXperience Technology - SapientNitro
  • JavaScript hacker / Proficient in creating real-time scalable web applications and performant websites using Angular, Backbone and Node.js + frameworks.
  • JS enthusiast from the dawn of the JS era! :)
  • Winner - Yahoo! Open Hack, Bangalore


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