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Leena S N

Leena S N


Crisp overview on Javascript testing tools

Submitted Jul 31, 2015

Giving an overview of a variety of tools [mainly in the testing space] for Javascript, to select the right tool for solving the right problem


There exists a variety of tools in the testing space of Javascript, say Mocha, Jasmine, Karma, Chai etc. which are the popular Unit testing tools. Recently quiet a number of tools introduced for Contract Tests [a suggested technique for testing across services http://martinfowler.com/articles/consumerDrivenContracts.html]. Apart from this there are tools such as wraith (https://github.com/BBC-News/wraith) for screenshot comparison.

The idea of this session is to give an overview of different kinds of testing tools [in the space such as Unit, Integration, Smoke etc.], along with tooling for mocking and stubbing which is very key for automated testing.

The structure of the talk will be demo for each tools along with brief explanation of the same.

Speaker bio

Leena is the Head of Engineering @ Multunus. She was bitten by the TDD bug a couple of years ago. Having done enough TDD in Ruby/Rails, Javascript and Android, she’s moved onto Continuous Delivery (CD) in a big way - even spoke about CD in multiple conferences. She had conducted workshops on TDD and CD during as part of the pevious HasGeek conferences.




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