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Shyam Seshadri


AngularJS 2 : Necessary (R)evolution

Submitted May 26, 2015

. Learn about AngularJS 2
. Understand the new features and syntax of AngularJS 2
. Start thinking about migration from AngularJS 1 to 2
. Relax and not get stressed about the impending changes


AngularJS 2 is coming! It seems like the “sky is falling” syndrome. Lots of rumors, lots of hearsay, lots of opinions. Get the lowdown on what’s really happening with AngularJS 2, why the sky actually might not be falling, and why change is a good thing. A quick dive into whats new in AngularJS 2, how its become simpler, and how yes, there is still a potential migration path to AngularJS 2 from AngularJS 1.


Not a workshop

Speaker bio

. The expert on AngularJS in India
. Written multiple books on AngularJS (AngularJS, AngularJS Up & Running)
. Over 50 workshops on AngularJS across the world


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