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Shwetank Dixit


WebRTC: Its more than just video chat

Submitted Jul 29, 2014

The objective is to have a deep dive into WebRTC and look at all it’s aspects (focussing on a front-end developer’s perspective). The audience should leave with a better and clearer understanding of WebRTC as a technology and how it can be applied in a lot of seemingly non-obvious situations.


WebRTC is a technology which can really revolutionize the future of web applications. However, most of us front-end developers are not familiar or comfortable enough with it on a deep enough level. This talk will cover all a front-end developer needs to know about WebRTC to start creating great applications (not just video chat apps, but more). We’ll dive deep into its various parts (getUserMedia, RTCPeerConnection and DataChannels and also explain the entire signalling process) and see how it can work with other web technologies to create interesting web experiences. This talk will also be accompanied by demos and also a look at what interesting work other people in the industry are doing related to WebRTC.


Curiosity about WebRTC.

Speaker bio

Shwetank works in the Opera Developer Relations team. He is also part of the W3C Mobile Web for Social Development Group and the W3C Web Education Community Group. He promotes open web standards and best practices amongst the developer community at large. Over the years, he has written quite a few articles about web standards and techniques and has presented at conferences in various parts of the world. He likes browsers, extensions, open web technologies, and Batman.


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