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Vani S


Use concepts of different frameworks to code

Submitted Aug 5, 2014

Libraries/Frameworks do the magic. But we can do them too. Learn behind the scenes of frameworks and learn the browser, use those concepts in your code and have lighter, well maintainable, structured code. I did code using this concept which is running live in www.goibibo.com/hotels in mobile browser. It was faster(4 times faster development time than the android app), easier and definitly possible. Moreover, it made me a better developer. I will be speaking based on this experience, in what way it was possible, what were the obstacles and the way they were overcome etc, to open the new way of thought that it is possible this way too.


I had to develop a product from scratch. I liked all the libraries, but I didn’t like to include any in the product. Every library has it’s own features. And our product might need some features from one library and other features from the other library. So I used concepts of different libraries in my code and never included libraries.

Backbone concept of chaning URL - I used history.replaceState
Object.watch, HTML5 multiselect - used a polyfill
some new concepts like, mobile backbutton for popup - hashchange
Require js - ajax loading of the file concept
Underscore Template - parse string concept
And quite a few things.

Attend this if you are facing any of these,
You are struggling to choose a framework - going over debates, pros, cons etc.
Your libraries are growing heavy.
You want to really reduce user waiting time(increase performance).
You want to use ES5/ES6, HTML5 features but you can not because of all browser support.
You want to know what exactly happens behind a js library.
If it is being too tough to maintain the written code.
To not just finish the work, but to acquire a better knowledge while finishing the work.
Just by learning the facts of how browser deals with JS engine, CSS and DOM, the page can really be fast.
You are using 2-3 or more libraries and have conflict between them.

Speaker bio

I have a 5+ years of core UI development experience. When I started, I worked on building the custom tag components in UI, then worked on writing MVC code in pure js(using different patterns as well) and currently working on creating UI by learning from the libraries and designing the code depending on the type of product.

I did give a flash talk on this in jschannel(that was held last month in Taj,Bangalore) and I preferred to give a fulltalk explaining this concept in depth.

  • open in mobile browser(not opera mini yet)
  • www.goibibo.com/hotels




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