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Tushar Choudhary


Using JavaScript with Parse -Backend as a Service (mBaaS)

Submitted Jul 21, 2014

The goal is to totally eliminate the need for writing server code or maintaining servers, specially in cases of quick POC’s or quick deliveries to customers.


In todays mobile apps world, a developer seeks for a quick server side code and a stable backend to support his application. Parse is a mobile Backend as a Service application which lets you quickly build backend with an interactive UI, lets you make easy REST calls, code in cloud using javascript for customized results, easily integrate push notifications and gives a good analytics of your mobile app. In short, the Parse platform provides a complete backend solution for your mobile application. Its goal is to totally eliminate the need for writing server code or maintaining servers.Their JavaScript SDK is based on the popular Backbone.js framework. It is compatible with existing Backbone applications with minimal changes on your part. The goal is to minimize configuration and let you quickly start building your JavaScript and HTML5 app on Parse.Parse SDK supports Firefox 23+, Chrome 17+, Safari 5+, and IE 10. IE 8 and IE 9 are supported only for apps that are hosted with HTTPS.



Speaker bio

I am an android enthusiast and have crafted several beautiful applications from android 2.0 to android 4.4. I am currently working with Xebia India in the mobile team and am working on varied domains and technologies. I have an experience of 3 years mainly in android development. I am a regular speaker at Xebia Knowledge Sharing Programmes and have shared my findings with peers and groups. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge with the world, that’s what working in Xebia has taught me. I am also participating as a Speaker at Mobile Developers Summit 2014 to talk about few findings in android. I have always been fascinated with JavaScript, especially because i started my career in JS. I recently have explored the power of AngularJS and NodeJS in web apps. I have also taken a session on Using Android and JS with parse as a mBaas, which was well appreciated by the attendees.


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