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Prathik S


To jQuery or Not to jQuery

Submitted Jun 11, 2014

It’s 2014, the browsers have developed enough to handle all the ui work without any plugin.(mostly)

Unless you still need to support IE8 it doesn’t make sense to use jQuery for most projects and applications especialy a plugin.

In several test people have found native functions a 20-60x times of jQuery equivalent function. Do you think it still makes sense to use jquery


Do you know what’s this magical $ in jQuery is or how it achieves method chaining. These are simple javascript concepts which jQuery uses but seams magical.

jQuery comes with a lot of utitly functions for manuplating dom, making ajax calls, parsing json etc. To achieve these in todays browser we dont need jQuery just a understanding of equivalent javascript code.

This talk will tell you about

  • how jQuery works, things like what is $.
  • how to implement the various jQuery functions in pure js.
  • myth of jquery and js.
  • real speed and performance talk when using both.
  • is jquery still relevant and when to actually use jQuery.

Speaker bio

I am a a Full stack developer currently working as a UI lead at MyParichay. I have about 7.5 yrs of experience in the world of frontnend.


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