JSFoo 2014

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Templating , basics to mastery


Nagaraju Sangam


This session will cover from basics to mastery on templating both client and server side.


I’m planning to cover following topics…

  1. JS Templating, What? Why? How?
  2. Comparision of various templating engines?
  3. Types of templating?
  4. Internal, External, Partial-Internal, Partial-External templates.
  5. Precompiled Templating
  6. Drawbacks of templating concept.
  7. Performace considerations and practices.
  8. DOTJS, EJS, KNOCKOUT, MUSTACHE, HandleBar templating engines.
  9. Which templating engine should be picked? When and why?
  10. Deep Dive Into DotJS.
  11. Best Practices and QA

Speaker bio

Works at CISCO.