JSFoo 2014

JavaScript as the centerpiece of a complex web stack

Prasanna Venkatesh


HTML5 Performance API's - Analyze and Optimize your website

Submitted Jun 15, 2014

HTML5 has evolved so much that many wonderful things we can do @ ease. Currently faster loading websites are the main focus point and how easily we can analyze the performance of our website through native HTML5 API’s is what this session is all about. It will be an interactive session with graphic charts explaining the different metrics, drag and drop any resource(JS/CSS etc) to measure the load time of that.


Performance is the best user experience. No matter how cool your site looks and functions, if it doesnt load or work faster, it makes no sense. Debugging the code, analyzing and then finding ways to optimize was never an easy task. Welcome to the world of HTML5 and their remarkable API’s which will help in providing the load time, network latency and a wide variety of information. We can use those data points and find where we need to fine tune our site and make our site perform faster.
Not just the overall performance, but we can measure the load times and other various factors at a sub millisecond rate of individual resources like CSS,JS,images and also external plugins/widgets. We can also automate this process along with Google’s pagespeed insights available as both node module and grunt task and ensure we have an effective performance analyzing tool integrated to our builds.
Also we will discuss some of the optimization techniques under the hood to help us make our site load faster and ensure users have a smooth and seamless user experience, no matter how complex our web site is.

Speaker bio

I am Prasanna Venkatesh, working as Senior Interactive Developer @ SapientNitro Bangalore. Have more than 9 years of software design and development experience in the world of Front end and backend, delivering high quality websites. Website design and architecting solutions has been my passion and working @ sapient gives me that learning curve and also ability to work on cutting edge technologies.


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