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Anshul Bajpai


Fulfilling Promises

Submitted May 16, 2014

The objective of this session is to introduce the concept of promises, how to easily create and consume them and taking this concept ahead to create further abstractions in code.


A conventional asynchronous code with multilevel of callbacks is usually called as callback hell. And what makes it worse is, when we have to handle errors with them. We all have seen it. We all have cribbed about it.

In this talk, we will see how promises can be used to get rid of these callback hells and see how multiple promises can be chained together and how values are pushed down and errors are bubbled up in this chain.

I will also cover how we can wrap our existing asynchronous calls into promises and pass them around in our codebase seamlessly.

Speaker bio

I am a developer having almost 8 years of experience in Agile software development. Currently I am working with EqualExperts. I
have primarily worked on development of web applications and REST services. I am an agile and
extreme programming practitioner and other software development best practices.

I have worked on vast number of technologies ranging from JVM based languages like Java, Scala and
Groovy to .NET technologies like C#, Asp.net MVC. I have also developed RIA applications using
javascript libraries like backbone and angular.js backed by REST services built upon node.js. Functional
programming is my new interest and Scala is my recent choice of language to work upon.


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