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JavaScript as the centerpiece of a complex web stack

Gaurav Ramanan


From Photoshop to your Refrigerator : JS Everywhere!

Submitted Sep 1, 2014

JavaScript is now one of the most used programming languages ever. Its reach is permeating far beyond the front end of the web. This talk is a guide for JS developers to see how vast the opportunities are for them cutting across technologies and even industries.


The talk begins with a short history of Javascript, little interesting tidbits on the browser wars, the demise of Netscape & ReBirth as firefox. The birth and evolution of JS and how JS has been reinvented by Google and others. And just how popular JS is today (Github Stats etc.)?

The 2nd part is a really quick take on where we can use Javascript. The following will be covered really quickly with stunning examples!

Front End with jQuery etc, Advanced front end with Dojo / Closure Library, HTML5 Applications like 3D (WebGL), Audio API, SVG, Realtime communication with WebRTC, Plugins Inside Adobe Products (Illustrator, Photoshop, After effects etc.), Plugins inside Word 2013, Google Apps Script used within Docs, Spreadsheet, Gmail, Graph Api from Facebook, JS as a compiler (Less, Stylusetc.) PhoneGap Mobile Apps, Firefox OS & Chrome OS (OSes made out of JS), Art Installations with JS! (by Google). System utilities with JS, Servers & Realtime (Node.js) Indian Elections with d3 and socket.io! Controlling Robots with Node.js (and active research by my company), Fridges with Android (JavaScript) and finally Super Computers with JS.

The last portion is a small intro to my company and how we are using JS to help the world.


An active interest in JavaScript and an overactive imagination to know what to do with it!

Speaker bio

Gaurav Ramanan serves as the CEO of RCorp.
His first job came at the age of 8 as designer of a popular local infotainment magazine, The Victory Voyage. After Engineering having gotten admission for MBA and Job Offers at hand, he said no to both to start Ramanan Corporation with an ideal to help serve India. RCorp is now a 4 year young successful startup having delivered solutions in the fields of Online Advertising, Website Designing, IT Integration, Hardware Design, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce Development, Graphic Design, Social Network Development, Mobile Application Development, Print & Digital Design, Recruitment, Publishing, Cloud Computing Consulting, Requirements Gathering, Contract Consulting, Tendering & Proposal Consulting to a wide portfolio comprising of Startups, Multi National Companies, International Governments, NonProfits, Institutions, Indian Government, Embassies. RCorp will now launch ASPIRE. An amazing platform that enables us to create technology easily for a variety of Industries.

A designer by experience, engineer by education, manager by profession and marketer by skill, Gaurav has mentored over a 100 people from over 3000 applications in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics, Design, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Animation, Human Resource, Strategy etc. He has gotten awards throughout his academic life from IIT, Amity and Lingayas, to name a few. He has also been interviewed on National TV at Zee Business at the age of 21. Gaurav has given talks at a variety of places most importantly IEEE and Manav Rachna. He is very active in many open source technology communities like PHP, WordPress, jQuery, AngularJS, Facebook Developers, Node.js, Grunt, PhoneGap, impress.js, YUI, jmpress.js and is also a core contributor to Dojo, one of the most advanced and oldest Javascript Frameworks. He is the co creator of the proprietary Aspire Platform built on top of Node.js and the open source project DijitX.


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