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Debnath Sinha


Famo.us: Javascript's comeback story on Mobile

Submitted Aug 29, 2014

The objective of this talk is to introduce the audience to Famo.us, tell them about its advantages w.r.t other frameworks, and why it is a great choice for startups. To give context, I will start with the evolution of HTML5 apps over the last 3 years and why Famo.us is a game-changer for this industry.


This talk is about Famo.us, a new Javascript framework with its own performant rendering engine. Its much more performant than normal Javascript in WebView because its rendering engine uses concepts like physics engines borrowed from the video game industry. At the same time, the programming style is imperative rather than declarative which makes it much easier for beginners to pick it up.
The talk gives details about why we at CoSight.io decided to bet our current startup on Famo.us.

Note: Famo.us recently raised $25 million and is here to stay!

Speaker bio

Debnath is a CoFounder @CoSight.io, a NASSCOM and Google mentored startup. He leads product development at CoSight. Prior to this he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Salesforce.com (Analytics) in San Francisco and Cisco in San Jose. He loves long drives, bike rides, and Philz Coffee!




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