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Kirit Tanna


Creative Javascript

Submitted Aug 26, 2014

Using Javascript for Creative Exploration & applying techniques to real-world problems.


Coming from a creative background, I’m inclined towards the visual side of Javascript - UI, Animations & Interaction Design. Whether it is Web-Apps or otherwise, design plays a crucial role in the success of apps and recently we’ve witnessed companies like Google working towards this.


  • Overview & Background
  • Emotional Design - The shift in paradigm.
  • The role of Developers in the Creative Process.
  • Creative Exploration
  • Insights from World-Class Digital Agencies & Industry Pros on their approach to crafting cutting-edge works
  • Insights from KenanDogulu.com.tr
  • Javascript for UI & UX.
  • Javascript for Animation.
  • Benchmarking, Building Tools for Designers, Performance Optimization, Iterate & Test.
  • Javascript & The Internet of Things.

Speaker bio

I’m a Creative Technologist with over 12 years of experience.
Being a Creative Technologist, I’ve worked closely with artists & other creative from several agencies across the Globe.

My last job at iGoa (www.igoa.in) got me the opportunity in 2012-13 to use Javascript for a project originally intended to be built with Flash - www.kenandogulu.com.tr. Taking this opportunity, I delved deep into Javascript and since then have continued to use Javascript for UI, Animation & Data Visualization.


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