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Bharani Muthukumaraswamy


Rapidly Prototyping Web Applications With Meteor.js

Submitted Jul 24, 2013

Learn to build dynamic, real-time, single page web applications using Meteor.js with very little code and at lightning speed.


Meteor is a JavaScript framework that helps us build dynamic, realtime single-page web applications with very little code and at lightning speed. Meteor is a great framework for rapidly prototyping applications since it abstracts away the configuration details and automates most of the repetitive tasks.

My talk will be a brief overview of Meteor.js. I will try to cover the following topics -

  • Concepts and principles of Meteor
  • Introduction to Handlebars templating library and using templates with Meteor
  • Reactive Programming - reactive contexts and data stores
  • Introduction to MongoDB and Meteor Collections
  • Using Meteor Smart Packages
  • Security - Restricting Read/Write access
  • Packaging and Deploying an application

I will also walk through the code of a sample application to demonstrate the process of structuring and organizing code in a Meteor app.


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript.
  • A laptop (Preferably Mac or Linux).

Speaker bio

I am a entrepreneurially minded UI designer and Javascript enthusiast from New Delhi. I have a passion for exploring the latest web technologies and I am comfortable working with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Backbone.js, Meteor and Ruby on Rails.

I am presently working on my startup, Resumonk - an online resume builder. Before starting Resumonk, I have had the opportunity of working with a wide array of startups including FizzySoftware, Zaakpay, Mobikwik, PhoneWarrior and Learnhive.


  • Resumonk - Resumonk is a simple and easy-to-use online resume builder that saves you money and time by helping you create a professional and beautiful resume in minutes.

  • Engem - Engem is a web app that helps you convert your LinkedIn profile into an unique, elegant and beautiful webpage in minutes.

  • QuotesCube - Your daily dose of quotes. This app also lets you print your favorite quote on a t-shirt or an accessory.

  • Airball - AirBall is an elegant and classy Dribbble feed viewer that is available as a web and a desktop application. The desktop application (for Mac and Windows) lets also you save shots locally for later reference.




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