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Sunil Pai


from zero to deploy in 15 minutes

Submitted Jul 25, 2013

Go from an empty folder to a production ready web “stack”, ready to deploy on your server, in under 15 minutes.


The first step is the hardest. Let’s race through it.

This will be a demo for beginners on how to get a full web application up and running in double-quick time. Components that I hope to include :

  • a database
  • a server
  • templates
  • a css/js framework for the browser
  • code to glue all the above together
  • unit tests
  • a build system
  • deploying / monitoring

(suggestions are welcome)


if you’d like to follow along -

  • a unixy system (but we could talk about windows, and how to replicate the steps there)
  • I’ll be cheating a little and pre-installing some programs (like brew, node/npm, etc), but I’ll try to share a script that automates these installs.

Speaker bio

some previous talks - https://hasgeek.tv/threepointone/speaking-in
github - https://github.com/threepointone
twitter - https://twitter.com/threepointone

I’m currently building user interfaces for http://www.myntra.com


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