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Dharampal H S


Livecoding with Javascript

Submitted Aug 13, 2013

  • Introduction to Livecoding
  • Demonstrate Livecoding with Javascript
  • Overview of the various JS technologies used to build the livecoding platform


Livecoding is the art of coding on the fly and improvisation to create content - usually visualizations and audio. There are a number of livecoding platforms. Pure Data and Max/MSP are among the well known visual livecoding environments. Among the textual ones, SuperCollider and ChucK use a custom language. Others like Impromptu, Fluxus and Overtone use a variant of Scheme. The one thing that’s common to them is that they’re all desktop applications. Quality livecoding has remained in the domain of desktop applications for a long time.

Modern browsers have evolved to a point where high quality livecoding platforms can be built and run with nothing more than a browser. And Javascript is a language that would be a pleasure to livecode in. (Since “Javascript is basically Scheme”, there’s already proof that it’d be awesome for livecoding :D )

In the talk, I would be demonstrating a livecoding platform built using Javascript. Then go over the tech that makes it tick. This would be an introduction to livecoding, and a showcase of the various Javascript and browser advancements.


Sit back, relax and chill out. You can go over the presentation and try out code samples later.

Speaker bio

I’m a self taught programmer, a technophile and a polyglot. Javascript was the second language I taught myself (but the first real one since BASIC doesn’t quite count). I dabble with technology, and Livecoding/Digital Art are among my favourite fascinations.

Professionally, I’ve built a wide variety of (desktop and web) applications using .NET, Java, Python and Ruby, with plenty of Javascript in between. These days, I work with MavenHive building web applications using Ruby and Javascript.


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