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Olivier Crameri


Automating automatic testing

Submitted Aug 13, 2013

  • Learn the basic principles in testing Web Applications
  • Learn how to efficiently use BugBuster to create a fully automated testing workflow and go beyond traditional unit tests or Selenium
  • Improve your efficiency in developing reliable code and managing your tests

Participants to the workshop will receive a special free account to the BugBuster service


Join us for the first ever workshop introducing BugBuster, a revolutionary testing Robot that emulates the behavior of human beings using Web Applications.

In this workshop, we will introduce the audience to the basic principles of automated testing, including the main available open sources tools, and will then run a series of examples on how to use these tools and BugBuster in the most efficient way.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned key techniques to test their applications better and much faster, boosting their productivity as developers, and improving the quality and reliability of their code.


  • Basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of Git and a Github account
  • A laptop with Git installed

Speaker bio

Olivier & Renault are co-founders of BugBuster, a Switzerland based startup providing a next generation testing solution for Web and JavaScript developers.


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