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Shrikrishna Holla


Easing into Node.js

Submitted Jul 31, 2013

This talk is for absolute beginners. Those who have learnt some Object Oriented Programming, maybe tried a little web programming using PHP, or Rails, have used javascript only on the client side and now want to check out what the whole furore about node.js is.


Node.js is javascript for server side programming. It is a development platform built on top of Google’s V8 engine. It uses event-driven, asynchronous I/O to minimize overhead and maximize scalability. This talk will focus on the whys rather than the hows because the hows can be easily learnt through plentiful of online tutorials. What is more important to know is when, where and why to use node. Is it a silver bullet to all your problems? What is the event loop? How is it scalable if there is a single thread of execution? We will try to answer all these questions and more and make you comfortable with javascript on its new kingdom - the server


This talk assumes no previous knowledge of javascript whatsoever, but assumes basic programming skills and knowledge of sequential execution of instructions. While not necessary per se, it would be helpful if basic knowledge of how web servers work is known. People who have done web development before, but using some framework like PHP, or rails will find this useful too

Speaker bio

Hey, I am a final year student at PESIT, Bangalore. I did my GSoC with KDE in 2012, but my focus has since then shifted to web development. I am a restless guy, always wanting to learn new things. I evangelize the open source movement on a day-to-day basis as an admin of PES OpenSource community. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pesosc/)




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