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from zero to deploy in 15 minutes

Submitted by Sunil Pai (@threepointone) on Jul 25, 2013

Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Submitted


Go from an empty folder to a production ready web "stack", ready to deploy on your server, in under 15 minutes.


The first step is the hardest. Let's race through it.

This will be a demo for beginners on how to get a full web application up and running in double-quick time. Components that I hope to include :

  • a database
  • a server
  • templates
  • a css/js framework for the browser
  • code to glue all the above together
  • unit tests
  • a build system
  • deploying / monitoring

(suggestions are welcome)


if you'd like to follow along -

  • a unixy system (but we could talk about windows, and how to replicate the steps there)
  • I'll be cheating a little and pre-installing some programs (like brew, node/npm, etc), but I'll try to share a script that automates these installs.

Speaker bio

some previous talks - https://hasgeek.tv/threepointone/speaking-in
github - https://github.com/threepointone
twitter - https://twitter.com/threepointone

I'm currently building user interfaces for http://www.myntra.com


  • Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

    I would like to attend it. I’m Windows 7 user. Though would it be similar to what Meteor.js does?

    • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) Proposer 6 years ago

      This isn’t about meteor, or any tech in particular. This is to expose beginners to the “important” parts of a web stack, and a demo of how to quickly get them all together. I’ll be staying away from all-encompassing frameworks like meteor, derby, etc, and concentrating on simpler, focussed modules. eg - expressjs for the server, ejs/jade for templates, etc.

      • Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 6 years ago

        OK. I’m waiting for Jsfoo

    • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) Proposer 6 years ago

      also, I’m considering how to do this for windows users. maybe cygwin? http://www.cygwin.com/

      • Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 6 years ago

        I never used cygwin. But today i found this tool on twitter. Just check it if it’s useful http://chocolatey.org/

        • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) Proposer 6 years ago

          looks good as a package manager, should be able to replace the brew/apt-get portion of the talk for windows. there probably will be portions that need ssh/scp, but that should be fixable with putty/whatever.

  • Arjunkumar (@tk120404) 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

    Are the member of selection committee allowed to present a talk :)

    • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) Proposer 6 years ago

      sure, I don’t see why not. Same rules, same funnel, and I’m certain the other peeps on the PC will be doubly critical of the proposal.

      (indeed, they just might reject it.)

  • Om Shankar (@omshiv) 6 years ago

    With all this advancement in front-end and node, there is still no “follow-able” clue on how to do things properly.

    Getting “up and running” quickly is the super important topic you have chosen. What’s the meaning of so many frameworks, if nothing can get you running fast? So thanks for taking this up.

    I am really looking forward to this talk and learn from it, specially from a known elite guy like you.

    • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) Proposer 6 years ago

      thanks for the kind words. the goal’s exactly that, to show beginners what the “common” pieces are for a web stack are, and a quick example of wrapping them up together.

  • Hemanth.HM (@hemanth) 6 years ago

    We very much needed something like the famous ruby on rails blog in 15mins ;) sunil.karma++ :)

    • Sunil Pai (@threepointone) Proposer 6 years ago

      thanks! I’m sure it won’t be as cool as DHH’s demo, but I’ll try to get something running.

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