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B Anjaneyulu Reddy

Quick transformation from RIAs to modularised HTML5/JS applications using RequireJS and BackboneJS

Submitted Sep 12, 2012

In this session I will present on ‘How to think about javascript from RIAs (Flex/Silverlight) perspective’. We will see how easy it is to move from RIAs to Javascript and understand how BackboneJS can enforce MVVC on our applications. I will also talk about writing a modularised javascript application using RequireJS and organising huge web applications.


This will be a hands-on session. I will take a very simple todo application in flex and change that to javascript.

We will explore in detail about how we can achieve two-way binding (my favorite feature from flex) in javascript using the power of BackboneJS. We will use RequireJS as a module loader and textJS for templating and build the application using optimisation tool provided by RequireJS. We will also see how a modular script loader like RequireJS can improve the speed and quality of your code.

Key terms: Bindable, Modularised, Templates, Asynchronous Module Definition.

Speaker bio

Anji (after minifying B Anjaneyulu Reddy) is a senior software developer at KNOLSKAPE solutions - an awesome startup redefining learning methodologies through experiential simulations.

He started his career working on good old RIA technologies and later fell in love with javascript which is very similar to the other gender - difficult to predict / understand. He has seen both sides of the web world - RIAs and HTML5/JS.

He has trained the entire development team on JavaScript, jQuery, BackboneJS and RequireJS as a part of technology transformation across the company.


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