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Brian LeRoux


PhoneGap Hacking: Get Started, Get Awesome, Get the Future

Submitted Aug 14, 2012

In this session Brian will walk through fundamentals of PhoneGap, how it relates to Apache Cordova, hacking native code with JavaScript, and how to get the most out of our cloud service for compiling PhoneGap/Build.

Developers attending this session will have a clear view of what PhoneGap can do today and were its going in the future!


With more than 5 billion handsets on the planet, mobile app development is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of the web development discipline. But, mobile platforms are fragmented, distribution can be a nightmare and most developers don’t know how to port their design and development skills to mobile devices.

Enter PhoneGap, an open source platform that makes building mobile applications easy with HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills most web developers already possess. Using PhoneGap, web developers can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to access native device features like accelerometer, contacts, camera and geolocation. Plus, they can use the same API to deploy apps on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more.

In this session you’ll learn how to use your development skills in conjunction with PhoneGap; how to deploy your apps on as many devices as possible; and how to get them into various app stores and directories. Find out how easy it can be to add mobile app development to your toolkit.

Now’s your chance to find out what the buzz is all about. In this introductory session, PhoneGap key collaborators will show you how to use PhoneGap to build platform-neutral mobile applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript that access device features like accelerometer, GPS, camera and contacts.

If you’re a web developer, mobile developer, mobile designer or a project manager in charge of mobile development, this session will help you decide whether or not the PhoneGap open source framework is right for your mobile development projects.

Speaker bio

Brian is one of the original PhoneGap developers, and helped create, lead, and foster the open source community surrounding it. Today he works at Adobe making the mobile web a better place for developers.


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