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Sreekanth Vadagiri


Functional programming in Javascript from a smalltime Lisper

Submitted Sep 25, 2012

Javascripters are looked down upon for writing unmaintanable, and rubbish code. The idea of this session is to seek different abstractions that fit better with the spirit of javascript, using techniques from functional programming.
Picking up words from the session make you sound smarter, if not code better.


Javascript is hard. Or so we think. One approach we take typically is Object Oriented, but as people have found out Javascript is a OO misfit.
The other approach people have tried is Functional. Which probably fits with the JS spirit.
In describing techniques to make it simpler I will be taking you on whirlwind tour of Functional programming.
Stuff like Continuations, Combinators ( I plan to spend a bit of time with this stuff) and maybe Monads. So I’ll start with the key ideas and then show some examples/applications, and see if audience is following along.

It would be nice to have basic functional programming experience and good Understanding of Javascript. Definitely Intermediate to Advanced.

A lot of it is inspired by Kestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity which was written for ruby.

Speaker bio

Developer at Activesphere

I like languages and have worked and played with everything from Lisp to Smalltalk and now work with Ruby and Javascript.


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