JSFoo 2012

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Jyotirmaya Dehury


Revolution to Mobile Web App Development – SenchaTouch

Submitted Sep 25, 2012

This session will help you to enhance your knowledge on mobile web application development.


SenchaTouch is a JavaScript framework in MVC pattern to developed mobile browser based fast and responsive web application which works almost all the smartphone/tablets browsers. It also provides several out of the box features, which saves lots of time. In other words, you can say this is a rapid mobile web based application tool.

Following subject outline will be covered in the session:

  • What is mobile web application?
  • Introduction to SenchaTouch
  • New trends in mobile web application
  • Powerful built in components of SenchaTouch
  • HTML5 Interactive Chart Experience

Speaker bio

I work at Mindfire Solutions and have around 7 yrs. of development experience. And I am with an enthusiastic team of mobile web development. I really enjoy working with web technologies, especially JavaScript.





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