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The importance of client side logging

Submitted by Ankur Agarwal (@devilankur18) on Aug 26, 2012

Section: JavaScript Everywhere Technical level: Beginner Session type: Demo Status: Submitted


Debuging made easy using client side logging.


In this session, I walk though the common problems faced by developers in their development and production environment and solve them using client side logging.

Speaker bio

My name is Ankur Agarwal. I am a full stack web developer and I love javascript. I founded Debuggify to solve the challenges faced by developers in day to day life.

In past I have authored/co-authored many 3rd party publishing tools for Shareaholic (http://www.shareaholic.com/publishers) which runs on lakhs of websites and drive over 1+ Billion pageviews.



  • Kamal Govindraj (@gkamal) 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago)

    It would be useful to see a highlevel list of problems that you are going to show us how to debug.

  • Arivoli S (@sarivoli) 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago)

    Yes i would like to see the list of issues which we you are going to cover.
    Are we talking about just debugging tool like firebug, or something else?

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