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kiran lonikar


Social networking in your mothertongue

Submitted Aug 29, 2012

To be able to interact with social media websites like facebook and twitter in your mothertongue using existing keyboard and even without a keyboard


The social networking websites like facebook and twitter allow their users to interact using existing keyboard input. While the user can choose to use a non-English keyboard to enter in their own language, or change OS level keyboard layout setting to enter non-English input, the websites by themselves do not offer any mechanism/tools for the user to use the existing ubiquitous English keyboard itself.

The use of non-English keyboard binds the user to that language alone, and changing the OS level settings is not a cup of tea of ordinary users.

This application attempts to break the language barrier in a unique way.

This application allows users to input their status, comments, tweet through one of the two methods:

  • Virtual keyboard which has phonetic layouts for all Indian Languages (except Urdu)
  • Speech Input (works on Chrome only). User can use either built-in microphone (Macs have that) or connect an external one.

This is not all.

The translator widget on the application allows users to translate existing posts/comments to a language of user’s choice.

Thus, users can input in many languages, and also see existing posts in their language.

This application is written in javascript and HTML5 alone, there is no server side component to it.

Currently, it uses the builtin google chrome speech recognition which is for English only. We plan on adding non-English languages speech recognition support in future.



If users want to try it themselves, they can bring their own laptop with wi-fi connectivity.

Speaker bio

I have over 18 years of experience in the software industry and currently working for Yahoo! SDC in Bangalore.

In the past, I have worked for telecom optical networking equipment and investment banking financial services companies.

This application started off as a hobby project, and now has developed into a full fledged multi lingual social networking app.


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