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Building 10 Apps in 10 Days using only Javascript and APIfy as backend

Submitted by Sathish (@sathish316) on Aug 21, 2012

Section: JavaScript Everywhere Technical level: Beginner Session type: Demo Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


How to quickly build responsive mobile apps using HTML5,Javascript,Twitter bootstrap and mobile backends like Parse, APIfy. APIfy is a backend service which converts structured data in HTML and wikipedia pages to JSON using selectors.


APIfy is a backend service that converts structured data in HTML and Wikipedia pages to JSON. It caches data and expires it periodically. It can be used to parse data in websites to JSON for building web/mobile apps quickly without any database/backend web service. This talk will be a showcase of 10 responsive mobile apps built over a span of 10 days using only Javascript and APIfy. Apps range from IMDB movie tracker, Olympics medals visualizer, Public transit etc. Apps are built using HTML5, Javascript, Twitter bootstrap and deployed in heroku as sinatra or flask apps.

Speaker bio

I'm a developer at ThoughtWorks who writes code in Java, Ruby, Clojure, Javascript. I built APIfy to convert structured data in any website to JSON. I've used APIfy to build a lot of apps using only HTML5 and Javascript to showcase it's capability. It was also used by one of the Top 10 Apps in Mac Appstore during Olympics.





  • Sathish (@sathish316) Proposer 7 years ago

    APIfy is built using scrapify and jsonify libraries which can be used to host html to json converters. Libraries are open sourced here https://github.com/sathish316/scrapify. But the hosted platform is not open source

  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Crew 7 years ago

    APIfy looks like a great idea. Congratulations. However, is it open source? That is a requirement for presenting at JSFoo.

    We want to encourage an environment where (a) developers present original work — which yours is — and (b) participants feel encouraged to pick up your ideas and build on them, with the security that the base layer won’t go away.

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