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Amit Agarwal


Chrome Developer Tools - A Complete tour

Submitted Aug 20, 2012

Understand webkit based developer tools to the fullest and save lots of time in your daily web development work.


I will be speaking about all the things you can do with Chrome Developer Tools while developing any kind of web application from small to large. Once you learn all the features available in Chrome Developer Tools, you will definitely be able to develop quicker. I will be showing you as much awesomeness as I know of dev tools:

  • all the smart console commands
  • memory profiling
  • removing memory leaks using leak finder
  • cpu profiling
  • smart Javascript debugging
  • too many small small hidden features
  • how to understand rendering timelines and reduce reflow/repaints

Speaker bio

Amit Agarwal is a front end developer and specializes in Javascript. He has done lot of work in front end development. In his 4 years of professional experience he has worked with almost all kind of teams from small to large. He speaks about Javascript and related front end technologies at various conferences. Previously he has worked with Pramati Technologies and PubMatic India. Currently he works at Google, Bangalore as Web Developer.


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