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nitesh sharma


Jquery mobile and phonegap : write your first cross platform app

Submitted Dec 11, 2011

“write once deploy everywhere” that is the moto of the session. we will see how to create a simple html5/jqueryMobile app that run across all the platforms (android/ios/blackberry/Symbian.. ) using phonegap.


Anyone can quickly start writing cross-platform application/games with Html5 and JqueryMobile that runs smoothly across all the mobile browsers and if we add the Adobe phonegap in equation, we can access common native mobiles features like camera, accelerometer etc and deploy it on app stores as a native application.

I will be guiding your through whole process and will analyse the performance across different devices ( if we could get the time )

Speaker bio

Hello, I am web consultant since early days of my college, graduated in 2010 from ITM university and currently employed in synechron as UI engineer.

I enjoy experimenting with different technologies and had good exposure of Javascript/Jquery/Html5/php.


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