JSFoo 2012 Chennai

Chennai JavaScripters ahoy!

Sunil Pai


Amplify your stack

Submitted Jan 24, 2012

Accelerate front-end development! Reduce the design-develop-deploy period painlessly.


Stuff I plan on covering -

  • Seamlessly use fixtures to mock data; you’ll never have to wait for the “backend guys” to finish for your work to continue.
  • Dead simple templating + using pushstate/popstate; best practices, benefits, and some cool tricks.
  • Static package management - use dev, staging and production semantics to have your code be ready to be deployed with minimal effort.
  • DON’T PANIC - Write unit tests and save your ass.
  • Tools, frameworks, and books that can help.

I will also do a walkthrough of an end-to-end project built with all this stuff in mind.

(My slides/talk will be a refined version of the talk I gave for jsfoo pune )


Javascript and MVC basics.

Speaker bio

Sunil is very inappropriate, likes gantt charts, and plays his les paul when he’s not fighting internet explorer. Contact him on twitter @threepointone.


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