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Production ready apps with flatiron


Pavan Kumar Sunkara


Getting familiar with flatiron, a full-stack web application development framework and learn to build production ready node.js apps


Nodejitsu have recently announced flatiron, a node.js framework aimed at isomorphic and stream-based application development. In this session, I will be giving a demo on how to build a sample web-application using flatiron’s Resource-View-Presenter pattern. Some of the advantages with flatiron are faster development, code reuse and scalability.

Speaker bio

I am a Computer Science B.Tech student at IITM working as a consultant for Nodejitsu. Nodejitsu is a node.js application hosting company and we are community leaders in the node.js project. As part of my job, I have been working on developing flatiron and web-applications using it.