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Arun Kumar Arjunan


Rise of Node.js

Submitted Jan 21, 2012

The objective is to understand the popularity of node.js.


  • Understand what exactly node.js is.
    • High level overview of how to build something similar to node.js using V8, libio, libev
  • Node.js internals
    • Deep inside Event driven programming vs Thread based programming Vs Green Threads
    • Pros & Cons of event driven programming
    • Asynchronous IO vs Fake Asynchronous IO
    • Understand poll, select, /dev/poll, kqueue, IO completion ports
  • Why node.js is that popular?
    • Comparing node.js with other similar solutions
    • Various unique aspects of node.js
  • Scaling for production environment
    • How scaling web applications is different from scaling networking applications
    • The multi-core story
    • When to use fork/threads/workers
  • Node.js community
    • Adoption of node.js
    • Choosing the right framework/modules
  • Pros & Cons of using node.js
    • Things to be considered before switching to node.js
  • Future of node.js

Speaker bio

Part of my role is to evaluate new relevant technologies and recently had to touch Node.js. I am here to share my learning.




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