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Hardware Hacking with Javascript and the BeagleBone

Submitted by Pramode C.E on Jan 26, 2012

Section: Default Technical level: Beginner Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


Learn to hack embedded systems with the BeagleBone's innovative Javascript(NodeJS) based scripting interface.


The BeagleBone ( http://beagleboard.org/bone ) is a powerful little computer that has an ARM processor and lots of I/O pins to which you can connect all kinds of cool electronics. It comes with an innovative software development environment based on NodeJS and the Cloud9 IDE. Using nothing but a browser, you can write Javascript code which runs on the board and controls the I/O pins. We shall see how this is done.

Speaker bio

Pramode is a GNU/Linux enthusiast who started playing with Linux (on a 386 PC) when it was being distributed as a set of 40 floppy disks. He is founder of "Recursive Labs", an online education startup.



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