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Re-Write (no, re-narrate) the Web

Submitted Sep 13, 2011

This demo will demonstrate the alipi.us “web-page re-narration” page editor and page rendition. The discussions are likely to be over its implementation issues, possibilities and HTML5 aspects. The demo will also illustrate, through discussions, how a javascript tool like this can emerge as a tool that can unify several concepts such as social networking and semantic web while becoming a facilitator of a collaborative development of a universally useful ontology for future social networking needs. Internet narrated for us and by us, in the future, can also function as a social network.


This is both a demo and a discussion proposal.
Alipi.us is an application that demonstrates the power of javascript in editing interesting web-pages so that they can be re-targeted to another community or language. The edits are then meta-tagged and posted as a blog-post of the person editing, so they can be fetched on demand by the target community. The demo/discussion will be a simple illustration of the javascript functionality, a utility server that facilitates indexing of the available re-narrations and then a javascript that lets a person who visits the page see a personalized version of the page. As mentioned in the “objective” section, this demo is likely to lead into a discussion on the future web-of-interest for our communities.


Tomatoes and Zest. Yes, we glean.


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