JSFoo 2011

It’s like kung fu with JavaScript and objects! All about building full size apps in JavaScript.

Dhaval Trivedi


JS is the new Rajnikanth

Submitted Jul 4, 2011

A brush with new HTML5 (well, you know!) JavaScript APIs such as -

  • Web Sockets
  • Web Workers
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Geolocation / Device Access
  • Graphics
    • Canvas
    • SVG (Raphael)
    • WebGL (three.js)
  • Offline Access
  • Local/Session Storage

And a walk-through of developing JS for mobile/tablet devices.

  • jQTouch / Sencha Touch / jQuery Mobile
  • PhoneGap / Titanium Appcelerator

Lastly, as a bonus, introducing Cappuccino and Atlas, to build desktop class web applications for browsers, using JS.


Exploring what JS is capable in today’s scenario, covering different capabilities/possibilities in brief, yet insightful ways.


A knack for upcoming all things JS!


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