JSFoo 2011

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Javascript Gone Wild

Submitted by Akash Mahajan (@makash) on Jun 29, 2011

Section: Default Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo Status: Submitted


To demonstrate that javascript can be used for a lot more than building interactive websites and creating cool like web pages.

Javascript is used by a lot of malicious attackers to steal your cookies, login to your ADSL routers, steal google page rank among other things.


Basically I will cover 3-4 malicious attacks that have been made possible by using javascript. Some of these attacks have been fixed by now but are very interesting in terms of what is possible when a bunch of different technologies come together and we start using a web browser for multiple things.

In short 1. Demo the attack 2. Discuss the code 3. Wash, rinse and repeat.


An open mind and a sense of humour.



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