This page specs out the sponsor booth setup at Hasgeek conferences.

Setup specs

The standard sponsor booth is a 6ft x 6ft booth without a platform. The setup includes:

  • A 6ft x 8ft backdrop
  • A 6ft x 2ft table with a table cover and fascia branding
  • Two chairs
  • A 6ft x 6ft floor carpet
  • A 42" TV with remote
  • Power supply for up to 3 devices.
  • 3 spotlight on the booth backdrop

The image below is representative of the setup at the venue.

Sponsor booth setup

Artwork specs

Artwork for the backdrop and the table fascia needs to prepared for print in large format. The following checkpoints have to be ensured before the artwork files are sent for print:

  • The artwork needs to be prepared in the CMYK color-space to ensure accurate color reproduction during print.
  • The artwork needs to be have adequate margins within which the main content is placed. A minimum uniform margin of 3 inches is recommended for the artwork.
  • Adequate bleed of 3 inches needs to be provided to ensure the artwork wraps over the edges of the frame that the print will be mounted on.
  • 3 frames are assembled to make the table fascia. A 6ft 6in x 2ft 6in frame that forms the front fascia and two 2ft x 2ft 6in frames that form the sides of the table fascia. The artwork for these frames have to be sent separately with content placed inside a uniform margin of 3 inches and uniform bleed of 3 inches.
  • The artwork has to be shared in TIFF format to ensure there are no alterations while printing.

Print file sizes

  • Booth backdrop artwork: 6ft 6 inches x 8ft 6 inches including bleed.
  • Table front fascia artwork: 7ft x 3ft including bleed.
  • Table side fascia artwork: 2ft 6in x 3ft including bleed.

Booth backdrop size

Table front fascia size

Table side fascia size

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