GenerativeAI May Meetup

GenerativeAI May Meetup

GenerativeAI Meetup in Bangalore focussed on visual medium - images, videos, games etc.

Are you an AI enthusiast, whether beginner or advanced? Get ready for our action-packed May Meetup, focussed on visual medium - images, videos, games etc.! We’ve had some fantastic events over the last 4 months, and now it’s time to continue our journey together with an in-person meetup in beautiful Bengaluru.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

🌐 Pioneering Topics: Uncover the immense capabilities of AI in diverse commercial applications, such as stable diffusion, inpainting, and creative ventures like anime! Delve into groundbreaking methods including ControlNet and Offset Noise, revolutionizing the image generation landscape.

🔧 Crucial Tools & Concepts: Acquaint yourself with indispensable resources like Diffusers and immerse yourself in the realm of cutting-edge LLM-tools, featuring Automatic1111, that are shaping the future of AI.

🌟 Networking Opportunities: This meetup emphasizes interactive dialogue and connection-building among attendees, transcending mere passive listening to talks. Exchange knowledge, absorb insights from others, and broaden your professional network!

✨ Live Demonstrations: Experience the awe-inspiring potential of AI through live demos

What will you miss if you don’t attend? The invaluable opportunity to dive deep into the most recent AI innovations, acquire essential knowledge from industry trailblazers, and forge significant connections with fellow AI enthusiasts. Seize this chance before it’s gone!

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  1. Composition in AI Generated Images by Amogh Vaishampayan
  2. Deep Dive to Unet by Vignesh Baskaran

Meetup Curator: Soumyadeep

Join us for this unmissable event and propel your AI journey to new heights!


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Composition with Stable Diffusion

Composition with Stable Diffusion

Amogh Vaishampayan

32 minutes27 May 2023
UNet deep dive

UNet deep dive

Vignesh Bhaskaran

36 minutes27 May 2023


Razorpay Bengaluru

SJR Cyber Laskar, Hosur Rd, Adugodi

Bengaluru - 560030

Karnataka, IN

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Generative AI meetup for ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion/DALL-E and related technologies

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