Deep Hack

Generative AI / DeepMedia Hackathon

Deep Hack


Anyone can submit, even if you’re not in BLR, India! Remote submissions are most welcome!


Friday 4pm kick-off; briefing -- be on time!
Friday 5pm attendees pitch their ideas; teams form
Friday 6-6:30 pm - Weaviate Demo
Friday 6:30 pm - Kick Off!
Friday 10-11pm - Llama Index Demo
Friday 11:30pm - Guardrails Demo

Saturday, demo day 4pm -- submission deadline: Google form
4-5 pm -- demos continue with judging!

Note: You’re welcome to stay and work all night but if you want to sleep, please head home then come back

How can I be involved?

We need:

  • ~100 amazing participants. You’ll be developers, scientists, designers, writers, artists, lawyers, all kinds of careers and specialisms, coming together to hack for 24 hours. Some of you will be students; some will be workers. Some will come with an idea of what you want to make; some won’t. Both are totally OK.

  • REMOTE: You do NOT need to register. Please submit the demo submission form directly

  • Demo Audience Demo day is open for all, even non-hackathon participants -- they should register here

  • Sponsors: you make the world go round. Please help us keep this event a nonprofit. Email us at nirant [dot] kasliwal @gmail [dot] com

Demo Submission Deadline: April 1st, 4:00 PM IST

at this form

Submission Categories

The prize money for each category is 1L. There are only 5 prizes.

Visual Voyager

Sponsored by Sequoia Capital
Devtools for working with Multimedia: Pipelines and tools to make gifs, comics, videos, but not the output itself -> Famous examples include RoomGPT,,,

Voracious Word Weaver

Sponsored by Springworks
LLM apps, browser extensions, most SaaS will go here

Creative Chronicler

Focussed on Content & Storytelling -- video, generated art, music, comics
Includes content but not the tooling used to make it

Tool Triumph: AI Infra & Devtool

Sponsored by AppSmith & e.g. CLIs, VSCode extensions, training tools, libraries)
Compute Sponsor: Replit

AI for Good: Social Impact & Open Source

Sponsored by e/jugaad

e.g. Scrappy AI projects, or those built for the underprivileged: vernacular chat services, text to speech for the visually impaired

Submission Criteria

  1. You can work solo or in small teams of up to 5 (anything bigger is probably unfair to the others)
  2. Project/feature must be new or never-before-launched (a.k.a. does not strictly have to be started this week)
  3. Remote projects should be open source or live (no waitlistware please!)

Submission Process

Submit the Google form (submit early so we can gauge how it’s going, minor last minute revisions are fine)

In person: Please be at the Deep Hack Demo Day (register here) from 4.30pm onward. Aim to do a ~5 minute demo + Q&A.

Remote: Record a ~2-3 minute demo and remember to add at the end of the Google form.

Code of Conduct

By participating in the hackathon in any capacity, you agree to adhere to the Hasgeek’s Code of Conduct

Basic demo format (optional; get creative/entertaining/weird if you like!)

  • Motivation: Why you chose to explore this idea
  • Walkthrough: Show what it does
  • Implementation: Discuss how it works, bonus for what didn’t work
  • Speculation: Future directions/where this could go?

Need Ideas, Inspiration, Resources?
Generative AI Ideas


  • Amod Malviya (आमोद मालवीय), previously CTO at Flipkart, Co-founder at Udaan
  • Manisha Raisinghani, founder of LogiNext, Forbes Trailblazers
  • Sunit Singh Previously Design Leadership at Cleartrip, Ola
  • Toshi Prakash, Director of Product Management at Walmart, via and others



See all
Guardrails demo

Guardrails demo

Shreya Rajpal, Builder of

31 minutes31 March 2023
Talk/demo on GPT-Index (Llama Index)

Talk/demo on GPT-Index (Llama Index)

Jerry J Liu, Creator of LlamaIndex

42 minutes31 March 2023
Appsmith demo

Appsmith demo

Joseph Petty, Ron Northcutt from Appsmith

34 minutes31 March 2023
Weaviate demo

Weaviate demo

Zain Hasan, Developer Relations at Weaviate

27 minutes31 March 2023


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