Call for round the year submissions for Fragments in 2019

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UX enhancement Using React-Native Animations


Pulkit Kakkar


User Interface of an app is all about, how the layouts must be presented to the user, but it’s the Animations that benchmarks the User Experience. Be it wiggling of Button on clicking, Event driven Animation on Modals ( for example on canceling translating back to bottom, on sending translating to right etc.) they all adds to user satisfaction. The hands on session with ‘Animated’ in React Native shall lay the foundation for better User Experience.


Why Animations?

Animation Solutions provided by React-Native

State Animation Vs Event Driven animations

Hands On Coding Session with several feature of ‘Animated’ react-native library

Present Limitation of React-Native Animations and it’s work-around


  • Must Know React / React-Native
  • Basic Knowledge of es6
  • Laptops

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