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State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

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Pawan Kumar #MTechViral


State management in Flutter - Using ScopedModel,Redux, BLoC (Streams)

Submitted Feb 18, 2019

State management is a complex topic but equally important as this is something that can make a drastic change to the way to architecture an application. So i’ll be talking about state management in reactive apps and what are the different approaches for it like scoped model, redux and google’s bloc pattern.


It will cover -

  1. Introduction to State management.
  2. Start thinking declaratively.
  3. Differentiate between ephemeral state and app state.
  4. Different approaches for state management.

Speaker bio

I’m Pawan Kumar, a Google Developer Expert for Flutter, Dart & Web Tech. I am also a youtuber having MTechViral youtube channel where I make tutorials for technology. To the outside world I am just an ordinary software developer but secretly with the help of my MacBook I fight bugs and try to create awesome content for the community. When I was a child I didn’t have many resources to learn new things so I decided to make a channel and go to places to help others in learning new awesome things. And I’ll continue to become the better version of myself.


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