State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

On the state of platforms: React Native, Flutter, iOS, React

Punit Sethi


Fast Loading Your React Apps : Where to Start

Submitted Feb 28, 2019

This talk is aimed at React front-end developers. The talk is based on my experiences with optimizing React Web App front-end performance. The goal is to share the experiences with the audience to help them:

  • Understand how to start analyzing for performance for React Web App
  • Various options they have when it comes to improving performance

The talk shall contain analysis screenshots, list of plugins / presets / config options to use, code snippets to serve the above purpose.


Shall cover the following areas with actual examples and code snippets:

  • How to approach optimizing performance of React Web App (what to analyze, where to start, tools to use for analysis)
  • Tree shaking opportunities (automatic tree shaking and Webpack plugins, options for further tree shaking)
  • How to approach code splitting (listing libraries, React options that can be used)
  • How to maximize caching benefits through vendor bundling (with splitchunks, CommonChunksPlugin examples)
  • How to set up performance efficient babel transpilation (with babel-preset-env examples)

Speaker bio

I’m founder of - an org that is focussed solely on website front-end performance. Selling my consulting services - I have optimized front-end performance for various high volume traffic websites in India - this includes React SPAs at reputed startups.



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