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State of platforms: Fragments Ahmedabad

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Pooja Bhaumik


Flutter: do more with less code.

Submitted Feb 18, 2019

As a mobile developer, you are mostly asked to build a mobile app from scratch in under 3 months. And in addition to the usual complexities (logic, database, testing), you are also asked to deliver on a rich user experience that involves custom animations. Not only that, you are also responsible of building the app for both the Android and iOS platforms. As an employee to a company, you are going to cry back home because building the same application twice with the exactly same complexities isn’t a fun and rewarding job. But as a freelancer, you are going to celebrate the job, because longer work hours mean more money no matter how repetitive the task is.

But then your client asks you to build the mobile app in Flutter, and that is where the nightmare for freelancers begin. Building the application in Flutter means, you may still have to work in your original hourly rate but unfortunately, you can deliver the project in almost one-third of the original estimation, create almost perfect animations in hours instead of days, and in addition to all that tragedy, you also get the perfectly similar iOS app for free.
Welcome to Flutter. A godsent and a curse to freelancers.

In this talk, I narrate my story of moving from native Android to Flutter and demonstrate how building apps with Flutter is so much easier, faster and more efficient than native Android.

This talk is intended for a beginner/intermediate audience that has some experience with mobile app development but is not necessarily familiar with Flutter, Dart or Android/iOS programming.


I will start the talk with my story of moving from native Android to Flutter.

Then I will give a brief introduction to Flutter for the beginners in the audience.

Then the main part of the talk will comprise of a comparison between Android and Flutter code. I will introduce 5+ examples of features or components that can be build on both native Android and Flutter and demonstrate how Flutter wins the race everytime in the race for speed of development, LOC, and efficiency.

I will finally conclude how Flutter is a godsent and a curse both to mobile developers, specially freelancers.

Speaker bio

Pooja Bhaumik is a designer-turned-developer who has been crafting Android applications since high school. She is an early Flutter adopter and respected community member who loves to share her insights through blog posts, public speaking and open source contributions. Her contributions got her the invitation to be a part of the grand celebration of Flutter 1.0 at FlutterLive 2018, London. When she is not freelancing or working on a creative project, she is busy mentoring people on career, personality and even mobile development. She is also passionate about diversity & inclusion and started a community in Bhubaneswar to support personal & professional growth objectives for women developers and designers.


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