Fragments 2017

Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India

Aniket Kadam


Performing Surgery without Anaesthesia - Lessons learnt rearchitecting an app that's live in production

Submitted Jul 4, 2017

We built an app at startup speed, moving fast and breaking things. A year later, as the business is more settled, we look back, digging up spaghetti and lay solid foundations. We see how to slowly unravel the mess and reveal the beauty within.


Starting with decisions made in haste, and roadblocks that were filled in with patchwork, introduce code that got the work done.
Then outline what’s wrong, how that decision matured over the months. Taking several example sections.
Introduce at a business, culture and finally, technical level, what we did to fix things.
With the clarity of hindsight, offer advice for speed and quality.

Speaker bio

I spent three and a half years slowly building up Android skills at a relatively relaxed startup. Then spent one more year of insanity, building from the ground up, with a total team size of two, more than 100k LOC with an app that could be considered a consolidation of several others. Then with GDE guidance, and fresh minds, we set to work cleaning up.
With hands on experience in exactly what I’m talking about, I can do this talk justice.


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