Fragments 2017

Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India

zhao siruo

Lint for Life: Your Customizable Guard On the Go

Submitted Jul 30, 2017

The ONLY and MOST comprehensive and up to date talk on Android Lint!

Android Lint was introduced in ADT 16 as a tool to scan for potential bugs. However, Lint itself has been around since the Unix V7 in 1979 as a static analysis tool and adopted by every major programming language over the past 40 years.

Well utilized Lint not only prevents common errors such as use of deprecated elements or API calls, but also improves code quality and enforce tailored rules.

At the end of this session, audience will walk out with knowledge that reveals the full potential behind Android Lint from the built-in checks and configuration, most updated APIs, PSI Library. And step by step implementation will be shared for one customized check used by production Groupon app (also submitted to the Retrofit Library!). This talk will also cover the difference between Android Lint and other static code analysis tools such as PMD and Findbugs to help you make better decisions on which fits a certain purpose best.

Now are you ready to join us and become a Lint Expert?


Intro of Static Code Analysis

Intro of Static Code Analysis Tools in Android (with examples and usages)
Components for a Lint Rule
Step by Step Coding Example:
(With AST and Intellij PSI APIs,and unit testing in the end)


Basic knowledge of Java, Android, and static code analysis.

Speaker bio

Snow fell in love with Android when G1 phone came onto the market and started developing Android right after her first two Java courses at University of Washington. She is part of the super star team at Groupon Silicon Valley where not only are they able to deliver a solid e-commerce app for billions of consumers around the world which has been ranked as the best Android apps for consecutive 5 years, but also technical innovations are created everyday. And she has been nominated as Mobile Rock Star multiple times. At the same time of delivering high quality features that generate billions of dollars of revenue, Snow also got to work on a stand alone home service app, and a series of internal, external libraries, major refactoring, and is always eager to share her knowledge. She is actively involved the Silicon Valley GDG, Women Who Code, Girls Who Code, and speaks both internally and externally on Android development. She is also invited to talk at Grace Hopper 2017 on open source contributions and Android animations.



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