Fragments 2017

Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India

Akshay Chordiya


Kotlinize your Android Development

Submitted Jun 28, 2017

Let’s explore how you can write robust and less crashable apps with Kotlin while having fun developing them and fill the gap of missing modern language with the newly supported Kotlin language in Android. You’ll get hands on experience building Android apps in Kotlin and look at some cool features of Kotlin to avoid common mistakes, write consice code and learn how you can use them in Android.


  • What’s Kotlin?
  • Syntax
  • Features
    • Null Safety
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Higher Order Functions
    • Extension functions
    • Extension functions with receivers
    • Easter functions
  • Build a demo app
    • Writing Kotlin code
    • Goodbye findViewById
    • Data class
  • Issues
  • Conclusion
  • And finally….questions


Laptop with Android Studio 3.0+ and Git installed

Speaker bio

Akshay Chordiya is an Entrepreneur, Android Developer and Kotlin Enthusiast born and brought up in Pune. He has been working on Android since 4 years. He is an active community speaker who has been promoting Kotlin and having fun with series of articles, meetups and workshops; He is also co-author of an upcoming “Kotlin Blueprints” book.

He has a love for anything which consists of the word “Technology” in it! The vision of bringing about a change in the world through his knowledge is what makes him get out of his bed everyday and work on his apps and his startup. “Doing what you love” can be said to sum up his life uptil now and in the exciting years to come ahead!



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