Fragments 2017

Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India

Ragunath Jawahar


From Legacy to Legend

Submitted Jun 15, 2017

Many a times, what begins as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for several startups become the code base that has to be maintained for the lifetime of the product. Budget, competition, expansion could all be business reasons for the lack of automated test cases.

This talks throws light on how you can inherit legacy code bases without any tests and apply various techniques like characteristic tests, mocking, UI testing, breaking dependencies and other methodologies to add automated tests into your legacy code.

This talk would be helpful for developers who are considering to rewrite their applications with legacy code using TDD. Rather than throwing away code that already works, we could make it maintainable by applying techniques discussed in this talk.


What is a legacy codebase.
Choosing between rewriting and refactoring.
Bringing immutability to your app’s behavior.
Mocking, breaking dependencies and writing test cases.
How to get your codebase into CI and more…


Basic understanding of writing unit tests is desirable. Experience in writing instrumented and integration tests are desirable but not required.

Speaker bio

Ragunath is currently working with Kite Cash, a fintech startup based out of New Delhi. He holds a 6+ years of experience in Android development and has worked as an independent consultant with various renowned brands across the globe such as Tiffany, Mizuno, Glenlivet, Tata Group, etc., He has an inherent hunger for new technologies and has strongly supported and contributed to many open source libraries. At work, he believes in justified use of third party libraries and object-oriented & reactive programming paradigms as a way to boost developer productivity. His “Android Development for Newbies” course, hosted on Udemy has 84,000+ students worldwide. Ragu’s form validation library for Android, named Saripaar has been used by organisations worldwide. Although Java is his primary language of choice, Ragu draws a lot of inspiration from other popular languages, patterns and framework, across different platforms. He has actively interacted with the developer community, both as a speaker and a participant. He has spoken at DroidCon London ‘16, and several other developer meetups across India.



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