Fragments 2017

Fragments 2017

A conference on the mobile ecosystem in India

Anirudh Ramanan


Faster JSON Parsing

Submitted Jul 27, 2017

The talk is about improving the performance of the JSON parsing in Android. It covers the working of GSON library, and the performance bottlenecks that we hit, and the way we can improve the overall parsing time.


  • Problems with Current Implementation of GSON
  • Internals of GSON (the serilization and deserialization)
  • Insight on TypeTokens
  • Benefit of TypeAdapters
  • Introduction to STAG

Speaker bio

One of the projects that I worked on was on improving the JSON Parsing Time. We came across a library named STAG, which was a very naive library with minimal support. The overall idea of the library was good, and with initial testing we found a good boost in parsing performance. We added a bunch of features, and contributed back to the open source community. During this, I got a good understanding of internals of GSON, and the performance bottlenecks that we faced. With over 2 months into this project, I gained a lot of experience on the working of many parsing libraries as well, so I think I’m the right guy to give a session on this.



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