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Think twice before writing code to manipulate UI - Exploiting Autolayout

Submitted by Anshuman Srivastava (@anshumansrivastava) on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Intermediate


For all mobile developers out there, we know the pain in manipulating and assigning constraints at runtime. Many of us end up wasting our precious time and energy in making screens to please our Designers. I have seen experienced iOS developers not utilising full power of XIBs/Storyboards.

This talk is for anyone who wants to learn advanced tricks and tips to utilize the Autolayout features and start creating even complex screens in a matter of minutes.
With introduction of Constraint layout in Android, this talk will be helpful for Android developers to get started on it.


  • Introduction and Basics of AutoLayout
  • Never assign width to Labels!
  • The power of setting Priorities to constraints.
  • Create wrapper UIViews for you smaller components.
  • Using Content Hugging and Compression resistance to your advantages.
  • Using UITableView cell Automatic dimensions correctly.
  • Examples and Demos.
  • Miscellaneous tips and tricks.


Basic understanding of creating UI on any platform.

Speaker bio

Anshuman Srivastava is an iOS developer with experience of working on Large Scale apps. He has worked in Snapdeal and Freecharge and is currently hacking in GoJek, the hottest startup of Southeast Asia. He is writing fully testable apps that handle Lakhs of sessions everyday with 99+ %age average crashfree session.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn:


  • ankur gupta (@ankur7721) 2 years ago

    I have personally worked with Anshuman. He is the best in his domain. It’s always been a learning experience interacting with him. Looking forward for full talk.

  • Sandhya Ramesh (@sandhyaramesh) 2 years ago

    Hello! Thank you for submitting to Fragments. In order to evaluate your proposal, please submit your slide deck and a two minute self recorded preview video explaining your talk. Thank you!

  • Mohonish Chakraborty (@mohonishc) a year ago

    Sounds interesting Anshuman! I look forward to your talk. :)

  • Danila Zaitsev (@solange) 3 months ago

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