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Hello Kotlin!

Submitted by Supriya Srivatsa (@sup95) on Jul 2, 2017

Section: Workshop Technical level: Beginner Status: Rejected


Kotlin has several amazing features and is uniquely poised to significantly simplify android app development. We shall look at one feature at a time, implement it in code and understand the various Kotlin-specific behaviours, while at the same time creating an android application, built completely with Kotlin. After all, there is no better way to understand the (Kotlin) magic, than working on it hands on.


Draft Outline:

  1. Kotlin - What and Why. An Overview.
  2. Getting Started - (Installations, Setup and Syntax overview)
  3. Kotlin Android Extensions - Never type a findViewById again!
  4. Null Safety - The Billion Dollar Mistake no more.
  5. Extension Functions
  6. Some More Magic - Smart casts, when, lazy and more.
  7. Higher order functions and lambdas
  8. Data Classes, Delegation and Delegated Properties
  9. Hit an API - Retrofit and Reactive Programming with Kotlin
  10. Pat yourself on the back. Admire the Kotlin built app. :)


Laptop and enthusiasm.

Speaker bio

I am Supriya Srivatsa; I recently graduated from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and currently work at Xome as a software engineer - mobile. I love exploring and tinkering with new technology and have been deeply immersed in android app development lately. I have a keen interest in machine learning and also love participating in hackathons, breathing life into ideas to create a tangible product.



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